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Personal Support Virtual Assistant

How great would it be if someone could perform the tasks on our behalf right? Well, guess what, technology has moved forward so much today, which even this is possible.

The work of a personal support virtual assistant is to help you perform your duties better. It is basically a system that works on human command and can assist with a myriad of tasks.

At Ban-infotech Solutions, we have strived hard to make this experience a great one for you and ensure that the ultimate agenda of easy execution gets fulfilled.  While virtual assistants can be used for client-related services as well, the major aim for personal support virtual assistants is to cater to individualistic needs.

How does a personal support virtual assistant work?

The area of artificial intelligence is developing every day and the advancements are worth talking about. A personal virtual assistant is majorly focused on taking voice commands and performing the duties.

You can command almost anything, be it making a phone call, setting up a routine, or even booking a cab. A personal support virtual assistant is also dependent on the strength of the internet as without the same the system will likely collapse.

Another great thing about these assistants is that they can be put into Irrespective of your devices. Hence it remains accessible to a great percentage of people as well.

An essential part of the working of a personal support virtual assistant is that it combines multiple technologies together. Once the voice command is used, it is converted to digital data so that artificial intelligence can grasp the concept better.

It is then put in reference to the database and then the function gets executed. The efficiency of a personal virtual assistant is highly credited and it is hence used by many as well.

Our Features:

Risk Free

Ban-infotech Solutions has always tried to help the clients with our best. The personal support virtual assistant services in India are devised by following the same principle.

What are the domains covered by a personal support virtual assistant?

Ban-infotech Solutions is known for its holistic approach and the personal virtual assistant services in India they provide are well packed.

Some of the important domains include:

1.  Calendar Management 

Calendar management is important and it can be easily done. You can even mark important dates or events and can get on-time updates as well.

2.  Doctor’s Appointment Booking 

This is a specialized genre and is hence quite efficient as well. Doctor’s appointment booking can easily be done and you will not forget the dates anymore. After all, health is the most crucial requisite right?

3.  Travel and Booking Support 

Who had thought that one can book travel requirements and that too with just voice commands? The assistant provided by Ban-infotech Solutions is programmed as such so that even this requirement can be taken care of easily.

4.  Online order/ Booking Support

Want to order something online or check on the status of an ordered item? Just command your assistant to do so and they will take care of that as well. Ban-infotech Solutions has paid pertinent attention to this sector and made the process simple indeed.

5.  Email/Inbox handle

There are many of us who get tons of emails every day and find it difficult to maintain them. All you need to do is instruct your assistant and everything will be handled efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions:

You can expect our Personal Support Virtual Assistant to offer multiple types of services. Some of them include calendar management, doctor's appointment booking, travel and ticket booking support, email handling, online order management support, and more.

Hiring an Indian personal support virtual assistant makes the task easier for a business owner. It gives them enough time to deal with the major aspects of business that can promote growth.
We believe that communication is the key to success. No matter what, we make sure that we are always available for our clients. We have a proactive team of customer support who make sure to handle all the queries with prompt solutions.

Besides that, we have focused on the convenience of our customers. This is why our communication methods are available both via phone calls and emails. Hence, no matter what you want to know, just make a call or leave an email- and we'll do the needful.
No, your work will not be subcontracted to any other third-party service provider. We already have a group of professionals in our team who are dedicated to handling Ban-infotech projects only.

Outsourcing our clients' projects to a third party would be risky in terms of quality and confidentiality. Thus, we don't go that way.

We highly prioritize and value our client's needs and demands. This is why we focus on doing it all by ourselves. Clients would also be introduced to the experts who would handle their projects at a given time. This is what makes us who we are today.
Certainly not so. There are no hidden costs during the entire project. To be precise, there are no hidden charges at all. We highly value the hard-earned money of our clients and thus, we do justice to that.

This is why we believe in complete transparency while designing our packages. Whatever our charges are and the features we offer- are all mentioned clearly in all our packages. In case of any doubts, please feel free to talk to us at the earliest.
When you hire a direct employee, you'll need to pay a fixed salary with a dozen of overheads. However, in the case of paying for a virtual assistant, you'll only need to pay based on projects. Thus, it reduces unnecessary overheads with the same or even better outputs.

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